We are a recording studio in Canterbury, Kent (UK) opened in 2019. The recording studio is where musical artists and orators go to get a permanent record made of a performance. This could be a piece of music, podcast, voiceover or similar.

We can record the human voice or any musical instrument.


Canterbury is a small city in the south-east of the UK famous for its Cathedral and historical importance. More recently it was also famous for the ‘Canterbury Sound’ – a style of music from the 70’s in the family tree of progressive rock. For such a small place it has had quite a history and many ancient buildings are still dotted about the place. I sound like I work for the tourist board don’t I? I promise I do not but I do love this place. More about recording studios below:

Recording studios canterbury

This recent publication details the history of the Canterbury Sound, tracing its tentacles right up to the present day. Click the image to find out more.

Recording Studio

There is a great deal of technology and skill involved in recording music or the voice. Firstly, the performance must be good because there’s no magic to ‘fix’ a really bad performance – only to enhance what’s already there. A well practiced performer well rested in good health is a great starting point. Well tuned and good sounding instruments are also essential. This includes newer strings (in most cases), intonation on guitars, well tuned / re-skinned drums and things like that.

From that point on, the responsibility is with the recording engineer. Choice of microphone, mic placement, preamp choice, recording space, mixer and interface are really important considerations. (See here for a list of our studio gear).

What equipment and technique the engineer employs will differ from person to person and between situations but one thing that is important is the atmosphere they create. Music in particular is a very human activity and I would go as far to say a social activity. From where did music and performance originate?

Music is a social tool.

So, getting the performance right will mean that an emotion is transmitted from the performer. It is not merely a case of hitting all the notes in the right place because in a sense, that is easy. A computer can do that already.

In our recording studio in Canterbury, we’re big believers that the atmosphere created in the studio is really important. It is a big influence on the performance for the above reasons. If a performer feels nervous, intimidated or they are not confident, it is the recording engineer’s job to attempt to elevate them. The best producers in the world are masters at this.

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