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Every month we’ll be offering free online mixing or mastering of one track!

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The free mix or master will be carried out by a human, see our video above for a review of automated mastering services like Landr.

We’d love to offer free online mixing all the time but this would soon lead to the collapse of the business. If other online mixing companies followed suite this would lead to widespread unemployment and potentially economic collapse.

Here’s a recent mix and master

Joking aside, online mixing services that offer free mixing services actually provide an extremely inferior result. This is because they are automated. A computer actually ‘mixes’ the track according to an algorithm. The industry would have taken up this idea if it was the best way to do things. Presumably too we would be looking at robot guitar players, AI composers and automaton singers. Thankfully, we have been spared the music of such entities (although it has been tried). We instead rely on human creativity to entertain us.

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The same goes for mixing and mastering, there is no substitute for the human ear. Anyone who has tried these online services and compared them to a decent audio engineer will agree. If you are serious about your music you will need to pay for an audio professional at some stage. Luckily, in this age it is not so difficult to find one, nor is it expensive. Have a look at our Rates page or get in touch.

There are more audio professionals on the planet now than ever before so it can be hard to know who to trust with your precious mixes. We here at My Mix Master take pride in our work – just listen to some of our customer’s music!

Look at our testimonials page for what some of our customers have said about our work. Listen to some before and after music comparisons on our portfolio page.