Full Studio Production – We will make your song!

Full studio production is one of the services we offer at the studio. If you come to us with a song we will record that and add a full band to it! This can include drums, bass guitars, keyboards, backing vocals and whatever is needed to create the full production.

This can take a bit of time but it does vary from project to project. Typically it would mean a full day in the studio but we set a flat fee beforehand so there are no extra costs to pay. At the end you would receive a fully mixed and mastered radio-ready final version of your song!

Here’s a recent song we made into a full studio production. Check out NJ Parkin.

See our Rates page for current prices for full studio production.

Make my song

We will make your song come to life by adding more instruments. The aim is to expand the arrangement to really engage the listener. This could include adding hooks, riffs and other melodic ideas as well as additional harmonies where needed.

Drums can be added either programmed in (sequenced) as most Pop or Rap is done or recorded with a drummer like we see for Rock, Jazz, Folk etc. Hand percussion like shakers, tambourines, triangles, maracas etc. are also on hand and can work well for many styles of music.

“Being a musician for 23 years now and writing or co-writing around 20 albums I have a lot of experience in crafting pieces of music from start to finish as well as finessing the production so the result sounds and feels great.” – Neil Sullivan, Owner

Of course it is your song that we’d be making so you would have the final decision on what was included in the production.

Get in touch with us to discuss your project. See more of our our previous work here.