Online Mastering

Online mastering services have long become the most popular method of mastering audio. This is because the internet age has allowed millions of music makers to connect with mastering engineers around the globe.

We like to keep the process as simple as possible so it’s as easy as sending your pre-mastered tracks and making payment. You’ll receive your masters within 7 days electronically. Our engineers are all experienced but still enthusiastic about their trade. They will take great care with your music.

Online Music Mastering

By offering online mastering services we have been able to provide an affordable service to a growing worldwide customer base. We proffer mastering of rock, alternative, singer-songwriter, hip-hop, EDM, Jazz and many other styles. Contact us about mastering other types of audio such as podcasts and voiceovers.

Online mastering description

Free Revisions

You’ll be happy with your choice as we take as much pride in our work as you do. Two free revisions are included in the cost so if you need to go back to your mix and tweak the levels before sending it back, go ahead! If you want unlimited revisions, these are available as added extras on the booking page.

Louder Master

You can also specify how loud you’d like the master. We aim for overall musicality and tend to master at lower LU values that work well on streaming services and deliver clarity and punch. Loudness in itself is not as important as it once was because streaming services level off the perceived volume of tracks to give a level playing field. Tell us when you purchase if you have a particular loudness in mind though, we’re quite happy to make your track extremely loud if you prefer.

Feel free to get in touch or visit our FAQ section if you have any questions about our mastering service .

100% Confidentiality

You’ve possibly seen examples of our work on the website, either in the before/after players or the clients page. Don’t worry, we will never put your music on display without your express consent!