Online Mixing Service

Online mixing is the process by which one sends audio tracks to someone for mixing via the internet. This can be music recorded in a studio or a podcast, voiceover or any other kind of sound. This diagram shows the production process from recording through to the final product:

Online Mixing

It’s important to choose a qualified and experienced mix engineer for this purpose. As the studio could be located anywhere in the world it’s advisable to check their previous work and reviews. There are many options these days as there are far more studios, musicians and audio engineers than in the past. Each mix engineer will have a different signature sound because they have a particular background and do things in an idiosyncratic way. Have a look at our Portfolio section for an idea of our past mixing work.

Just send us your song as separate files (e.g synth, vocals, snare, guitar etc.) and we will mix the audio to a finished ‘2 track’. We can either master the finished mix or return it to you unmastered. Click here for more info on how to send your tracks.

Online Mixing – When Did It First Happen?

Online mixing goes back to the broadband explosion in the early ’00s which allowed large amounts of data to be sent from point to point on the internet. People have been mixing remotely since the inception of music studios though. A box of analog tape would be couriered across the country manually from one studio to another to allow a different producer to work on the music.

As time has worn on since broadband, online mixing services have become more popular and a Google search will show you that the internet is chock full of them! Never before have we had such choice to mix our music.

I have been mixing music for over 20 years now and still enjoy every new project. You can always find a new approach to each track which presents its own set of unique variables. There is no one-size fits all and no algorithm that can replace the job of the mix engineer. Mixing music is as creative a craft as music creation.

Personally I have also spent a lot of time as a musician and live sound engineer, working with many well known acts (for more info see About). This gives me a unique perspective on song mixing which I have brought into the studio.

Music Mixing vs Mastering

Mixing is very different from mastering, but I do hear a lot of confusion between the two. The former is the initial process of combining the parts of a song (e.g. vocals, synths, beats). Mastering is the last process of adding the finishing touches to the mix. A different person with ‘fresh ears’ to the project will usually do this.

MMM offer online mixing services at competitive rates. We have a short turnaround but also have an express service if you need your music mixed quickly.

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